Taking My Daughter to the Chiropractor

My daughter has suffered from acute back pain for several years now. It all started when she was diagnosed with a slight curvature in her spine. We’ve been going to doctors for years, and we recently started going to a new chiropractor in Mesa AZ. My daughter absolutely loves her new chiropractor. For a child, going to a doctor can be a scary thing. Doctors tend to prod and poke and I can understand why she would be uncomfortable. Going to the chiropractor was a completely different experience. From the moment we entered the office, we could tell that things were going to be different.

As soon as my daughter and I walked in, we were greeted enthusiastically by the staff. They were dressed in bright colors, which provided a lively mood in the office. The office itself looked new and fresh, and it wasn’t all bland and boring like a traditional doctor’s office. I think that my daughter has anxiety about going to the doctor because of the procedures that she’s had to undergo the past. By changing things up and seeing a chiropractor, we are exploring new options and paving the road to having her feeling better.

If I can make her feel better about going to the doctor, or chiropractor in this case, I think that is setting a positive tone for future visits that she will undergo. When she’s all grown up and she has to go to the chiropractor herself, I want her to feel confident about the visit. I want her to feel safe and secure in her decision to go. If she’s afraid, I’m worried that she won’t take care of herself and she will avoid going to appointments. Seeing health professional is important for healthy people, but when you have a health condition, it’s even more critical to make sure that you take care of yourself.