It’s a Good Idea to Be Mindful of What You Can and Can’t Do As a Senior

You should never try to push yourself too hard when you are an older person. It’s one thing to do it when you are much younger, but as you age, it’s tougher to heal if you have an injury of any sort. But like many other people. I felt that I was okay to do some heavy lifting around my place one day and I paid the price for it when I tripped and fell with a massive box of books in my hands. Soon after, I started asking friends which chiropractor in Oceanside I should make an appointment with for quick help. I am so glad I live in a city where there are a lot of good ones.

I am a bit bullheaded, and and try to push myself in a lot of ways. I am that way when it comes to work, my family and anything else I do at home. I was able to get away with pushing myself physically when I was much younger, but that just became a stupid thing to do as I aged. By the time I was sixty five, I found that it was a big mistake. I found out that a lot of friends still try to do that very thing. Many of them have found themselves wanting to climb ladders, get up on their roof to clean them, move around in ways they should not, and they too have all found themselves in pain soon afterward. Because you need more time to heal at this age, that can really slow you down and make life harder.

I take it much easier now when it comes to being careful. But at the same time, I also make sure to visit my chiropractor at least once per month. He takes time to ask how I am feeling and what kind of things are going on that he needs to help with. He is always gentle with my back and gives me a lot of tips.