I Got Hit by a Drunk Driver

We had some problems in the office and so I had to go in really early that morning, it was about a quarter to six in the morning and I was waiting for the light to change. I saw the other car coming at a really high rate of speed, and half of the way through the intersection I realized he was headed towards me. It was not a head on collision, but it was close enough. At any rate I have been seeing all sorts of doctors and a San Francisco Chiropractor in the past couple of weeks. The doctors fixed me pretty well in the ways that they were able to do, my leg and my knee and a bunch of bumps and bruises. I was really lucky that I did not end up having to see a cosmetic dentist. My face got marked up really good, but some way I did not break my jaw and all of my teeth managed to stay in my mouth.

The back pain was immediate, or at least I noticed it as soon as the other pain was suppressed. They gave me something that was pretty strong, but I told them that I was scared of pain pills. I have a cousin that got hooked on them and it was a really big problem for him and all of the people who knew the boy. I do not think that I need any more problems than I already have and so I am going to try to avoid getting hooked on those pills. Of course they do not really solve any of your problems, they just mess up your mind so badly that you can not recall what your problems are. I needed a chiropractor to get my back straightened out.