My Mom Lived Her Life As She Wanted to Instead of Following Everyone else

I wondered if my mom knew just how special she was to me before she died suddenly in an odd work accident? I found myself wondering if she ever realized what I thought of her? I was thinking about that last week during my visit at a Sacramento chiropractic center. I was laying on the table while the chiropractor as he examined me, and thinking about the fact that it was her intelligence that led me to have these appointments with him. Mom did not always go the traditional routes in life. She taught me that it is sometimes best to to try a variety of things until you find out what works best. Not everyone does that.

I knew my mom was different when I was pretty young. She wore hippie clothes instead of the business suits that some of the other mom’s wore. She would grow herbs instead of eating all the junk foods that most people ate. Rather than drinking sugar-laden sodas, she made her own teas and yogurt drinks. She would take a handful of supplements every day. Those things are pretty popular today, but in the 1980s, they were not. People were interested in eating fast foods that are highly processed. Mom looked beautiful and so young compared to many of the other mothers I knew who didn’t take care of themselves mentally or physically.

My mother was also a big fan of alternative types of care. Oh, she went to the doctor at times. But when that didn’t give her the outcome she wanted, she didn’t suffer in silence. She would search for other alternatives. Often, she would go see a chiropractor, and that would help her. She taught me that it’s important to live life this way. That’s what I was thinking about on the table that day during my appointment.