My Chiropractor Helped Me Get Rid of My Headaches

I started to get more headaches. I noticed I would get them mostly on work days. I work mostly at a computer all day, so I thought I might need glasses even though I thought my vision was clear. I had a vision workup and my doctor even did imaging to make sure nothing serious was going on. The headaches kept coming. My friend suggested I go see his San Rafael chiropractor for headache relief. It turns out that my ergonomics at my desk were horrible. I was causing my own headaches. Some cervical spine manipulations to relieve nerve pressure made the difference for me.

I had a headache the first time I went in to see the San Rafael chiropractor, and I walked out feeling a whole lot better. The doctor asked me questions about my work environment since most of my headaches began on work days. After showing the doctor how I sit at work, I was given some pointers on how to alter my posture to prevent getting the headaches in the first place. Let me tell you that changing how you are used to sitting is not easy. You have to retrain your muscles and entire body to do it. Getting a new chair made a huge difference for me. Adjusting the position of my monitor on my desk really helped too.

My posture is greatly improved both at work and at home now. I can sit with my back and neck straight without fatiguing my muscles. I was skeptical about the strength training to get my posture straight, but it works. I no longer start to slouch after a few minutes sitting at a desk chair in my office. I am just very happy that I no longer am having those headaches as they were getting hard to put up with.