It is Really Hot in Texas

I mean that it is hotter than I have ever seen it be on a sustained basis. I have lived in the South for much of my life and of course there is usually a lot of really terrible humidity down there and that makes it seem much worse than it is. Since I moved to Austin I realized that I have not been any place this hot in the past. It hardly dips below 90 degrees even at night here. At any rate I had to find a Round Rock chiropractor this week, because my back started to misbehave once more. It has been doing the same thing periodically for over a decade, since I wrecked a dirt bike when I was living in the mountains of South Carolina, near Greenville. I was really hurt pretty bad in that wreck and it kept me off of my feet for around a month, but the real problem turned out to be lingering pain from it in my lower back. If I go to a chiropractor they can fix it by adjusting things down there, but it often comes back in time.

I noticed this when I was running on a treadmill, we have a nice gym in the basement of my office and I had decided that I needed to try to lose a few pounds. I intended to go on a vacation in a few weeks, so I was thinking that I needed to be less flabby when I hit the beaches. Of course I have a wife, but that does not mean I should not still like to look good without a shirt. At any rate the pain did not go away and the next morning I was pretty stiff when I got out of the bed. There was no other option really.