My Mom Lived Her Life As She Wanted to Instead of Following Everyone else

I wondered if my mom knew just how special she was to me before she died suddenly in an odd work accident? I found myself wondering if she ever realized what I thought of her? I was thinking about that last week during my visit at a Sacramento chiropractic center. I was laying on the table while the chiropractor as he examined me, and thinking about the fact that it was her intelligence that led me to have these appointments with him. Mom did not always go the traditional routes in life. She taught me that it is sometimes best to to try a variety of things until you find out what works best. Not everyone does that.

I knew my mom was different when I was pretty young. She wore hippie clothes instead of the business suits that some of the other mom’s wore. She would grow herbs instead of eating all the junk foods that most people ate. Rather than drinking sugar-laden sodas, she made her own teas and yogurt drinks. She would take a handful of supplements every day.

It is Really Hot in Texas

I mean that it is hotter than I have ever seen it be on a sustained basis. I have lived in the South for much of my life and of course there is usually a lot of really terrible humidity down there and that makes it seem much worse than it is. Since I moved to Austin I realized that I have not been any place this hot in the past. It hardly dips below 90 degrees even at night here. At any rate I had to find a Round Rock chiropractor this week, because my back started to misbehave once more.

My Chiropractor Helped Me Get Rid of My Headaches

I started to get more headaches. I noticed I would get them mostly on work days. I work mostly at a computer all day, so I thought I might need glasses even though I thought my vision was clear. I had a vision workup and my doctor even did imaging to make sure nothing serious was going on. The headaches kept coming. My friend suggested I go see his San Rafael chiropractor for headache relief. It turns out that my ergonomics at my desk were horrible. I was causing my own headaches. Some cervical spine manipulations to relieve nerve pressure made the difference for me.

I had a headache the first time I went in to see the San Rafael chiropractor, and I walked out feeling a whole lot better.